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Donate your old football shirt to the kids who love British football.

"I was watching a football match in Abuja Nigeria (Liverpool V Chelsea) back in May 2007. I looked out of the window and saw about 20 kids watching the game with their noses pressed against the glass! They were more excited about the outcome than I and that's when I thought, let me take premier league football shirts that we donate to charitiy shops in the UK and distribute them to the kids in Abuja, Nigeria!


The charity took off and the rest is history!"


Mike Kean


An energy of its own...

The overwhelming generosity of everyone is fantastic!

We have received so many good quality shirts that I cannot manage to take out to Nigeria all of them, despite the fact I've been out 3 times and I've taken at least 100 at a time.


People around me keep saying, "I've 10 more shirts for you" and we now have charity shops keeping shirts for us! More than we thought at first are willing to help!



Who benefits ?

The UK charity shops, as we pay for the shirts and the children of Nigeria and Cameroon who are less fortunate than others.


Bring Joy to the kids of Africa who love the beautiful game

Making it happen...

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